Abstract: The neighbourhood of N_\delta(f) for function f_\gamma\in k-T_n^s[A,B] whose geometric condition satisfy

R\left(\frac{(B-1)\frac{D^{n+1}f_\gamma(z)}{D^nf_\gamma(z)}-(A-1)}{(B+1)\frac{D^{n+1}f_\gamma(z)}{D^nf_\gamma(z)}-(A+1)}\right)> k\left|\frac{(B-1)\frac{D^{n+1}f_\gamma(z)}{D^nf_\gamma(z)}-(A-1)}{(B+1)\frac{D^{n+1}f_\gamma(z)}{D^nf_\gamma(z)}-(A+1)}-1\right|

where k\geq 0, n\in N_0, -1\leq B<A\leq 1 and \lim_{s\rightarrow \infty}\gamma(s)=1 is considered.

Key words: Starlike Function; Convex Function; Analytic Function; Modified Sigmoid Function; Conic Domain.

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