Abstract: This paper is a continuation of [7]. In this paper we have introduced and characterized fgs*-regular and fgs*-normal spaces. In Section 4, a new type of fuzzy T2-space, viz., fgs*-T2 space is introduced and shown that fgs*-T2-space remains invariant under inverse image of fgs*-irresolute function. Afterwards, some strong and weak forms of fgs*-continuous function are introduced and shown mutual relationships of these different types of continuous functions. In the last section, a new type of fuzzy connectedness, viz., fgs*-connectedness in introduced and shown that image of fgs*-connected space under fgs*-continuous function is fuzzy connected.

Key words: fgs*-closed set, fgs*-continuous function, fgs*-regular space, fgs*-normal space, fgs*-T.2-space, fgs*-
connectedness, fuzzy semipreopen function.

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Anjana Bhattacharyya, Some Properties of fgs*-Continuous Functions, International Journal of Advances in Mathematics, Volume 2017, Number 3, Pages 1-8, 2017.